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Best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and another best to plant a tree is now. It is so much necessary for the schools to make their children aware for tree plantation for their future. After 15 years when a child will turn into an adult, it should be late to grow trees for them. So let a Child plant a tree today. When a child plants a sapling or a tree, it just not only help the environment and other living being. It also helps the child psychology to connect with nature and to protect the resources. A child who is planting a tree today, he understands the responsibility towards the energy conservation Tree And You team conducts an interesting & interactive workshop with children during assembly and classroom lectures followed by a practical tree plantation activity. When they plant a tree for their future they, they understand the values and importance of trees.

                        Feel free to communicate or write to us is you also want your school to plant trees with us


The benefits a child gets from planting a tree

  • When a child grows, so does their tree. This bond between a child and tree leads to an environmental awareness and helps to grow more trees for the future.
  • Child who plants a tree, plants a hope for better tomorrow.
  • When a child voluntarily plants a tree, he develops gratitude in his/her nature,which ultimately adds value to his culture.
  • Tree planting gives children ‘a sense of belonging’. When they’re planting a tree or a shrub, the child is literally putting down roots in their community.
  • Psychological research shows a correlation between childhood contact with nature and better mental health.
  • By planting a tree and to watch it growing, builds confidence and empathy in a child. They connect and realize that they can make a personal difference  for lifes, wildlife, our soil and the environment.
  • When a child’s tree grows, it gives benefits to climate, water conservation, wildlife, our soil and the environment.
  • Accordingly need for trees in future are fulfilled when a tree grows which was earlier planted by a child.