Planting trees can be the best initiative towards a climate change on planet Earth. And this can be easily done if we all can take the responsibility of planting a tree in life and do care for it. While planting a tree is itself an inspiring Act. You are only responsible for making a climate change. By planting a tree or by inspiring someone to plant is a step towards decreasing the level of carbon dioxide. If the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased too much, it holds the sun’s heat which turns out be the serious rising in global temperatures, which in turns causes extreme weather situations and rising of the ocean. Nature of the trees is to absorb the carbon dioxide, storing it as wood while also helping to store more carbon in the soil below them. Planting more and more trees can balance and compensate the level of carbon dioxide and oxygen into our atmosphere. That’s how only we can work to balance the ecosystem naturally.


1. Cloud creation by trees help Cooling the Earth

"Clouds created by Trees reflects the heavy rays of sun which generally produces more heat in the environment. Even in the form of rain clouds smoothening the temperature of the earth."

2. Forests soothens and cools the earth.

"Shady Forests  and the water beneath the trees keep the soil calm. This keeps the earth cooler and protects the living soil. Growing trees soak up CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, roots, leaves, and forest soils. "

3. Trees produces oxygen and even purify air

"While absorbing the Carbon from the atmosphere, Trees generally absorbs the bacterias as well. Trees like mango and peepal cleans the environment."

4. Trees Convert the Sun’s Energy into Life

"Photosynthesis can only be happen with sunlight. During this process they convert sun’s energy into food and evaporating water in the air. This plant matter becomes food for animals, and the energy travels up the food chain."