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Businesses and industries provide us so many amazing, life enhancing products and services. It is important to understand that raw material required to develop a product itself comes from nature. We are running a campaign which is devoted to make our environment better. By planting trees business can reinvest of their revenues in for making a good future for coming generation. RECYCLE- REUSE- REDUCE. We must plant trees in order to balance the ecosystem. Our consumption of resources and emitting of air pollution is too high due to manufacturing. Logistics involved in the businesses has the high ratio of creating pollution in cities. Which every single step by planting trees we can devote some humanity to society. Tree plantation creates jobs for weaker section of the society, offsets carbon emissions in cities, restores watersheds, bio-remediates pollution, and reduces the impact of global warming/natural disasters. Which means it is a solution to global problems that are becoming an unstoppable threat to businesses and global economy.