Why Trees- AIR

Trees and forests are constantly cleaning our air and improving our air quality. They exhale the oxygen we need to breathe, while absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollution.


1. Trees Create Oxygen

" Clouds created by Trees reflects the heavy rays of sun which generally produces more heat in the environment. Even in the form of rain clouds smoothening the temperature of the earth."

2. Trees Reduce Air Pollution

" Trees are constantly absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air as a byproduct. Proper oxygen levels are necessary for humans and all other animals to live. In heavily polluted cities, people are already lacking with the proper need of oxygen to breathe. Planting enough trees in and near these cities will help provide the needed oxygen and also help the cities reduce their air pollution. Rainforests have often been called the lungs of the earth because they produce so much of the world’s oxygen. The fact is that trees planted anywhere in the world will produce life giving oxygen, which can travel through the global air currents, ultimately making all trees beneficial to everyone, everywhere."

3. Trees Remove Humid Hazes

"Air pollution and water particles suspended in the air create ‘humid haze’, which has many negative impacts including trapping in heat, reducing visibility, and causing respiratory illnesses. Due to the small size of air pollution particles, they remain dispersed rather than collecting into droplets that would form clouds and fall as rain. Large forests can dramatically reduce these hazes by giving off water vapor along with friendly bacteria that trigger the humid hazes to form into clouds. The pollution and water then rains down into the forests where the trees and soil microorganisms break most of the pollutants down into safer compounds. "

4. Trees Prevent Dust Storms

"There are many areas of the world where all the original plant life has been cleared and the exposed soil has turned to dust. Without trees and vegetation to slow down the winds, hold the soil in place, and keep the soil moist, the strong winds pick up the dry dust and can carry it hundreds of miles. Dust storms have become huge problems in areas without plant cover such as Texas, Arizona, the Middle East, and China. These dust storms cover everything in fine dust, causing mechanical failures, lung problems, loss of visibility, and a number of other problems including spreading disease."